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See the forum thread.


Accommodation in Sheffield

The following are some of the less corporate accommodation offerings in and around Sheffield Further suggestions welcome. Wilson Carlile is a Christian training centre Standard good accommodation £48 single, £58 double rooms B&B, almost city centre. Harley Hotel (& pub/venue) prices from £34 single, £49 double rooms NOT B&B, not far from city centre. Heavenly Nights Guest House, 11 Minna Rd, Sheffield, S3 9AZ Distance: 0.59 miles (uphill) Modest small family run guest house passionate for the ever shrinking climate that we are living .. to reduce our carbon footprint we grow our own exotic plants & vegetables that are aquaponically fed many without soil by our Koi, Rainbow Trouts and Tilapia fish, without having to use & buy soil & wasting preciouse commodities such as water. Shared bathroom with bath and shower, choice of English Meals or Bangladeshi Street Cooking served in the comforts of your room, 30 minutes walk or 15 minutes by bus. Apartment style accommodation permanently moored in Sheffield's unique waterfront location Victoria Quays, in static houseboats, fully heated boats, just 5 minute walk from Sheffield city centre. Sounds like fun, but about 3x price of a room.