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(CoTech Community Calls)
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*[[Circle Call 2019-10-30]]
*[[Circle Call 2019-10-30]]
*[[Circle Call 2020-02-26]]
*[[Circle Call 2020-02-26]]
*[[Circle Call 2020-03-25]]
===23.4.18 [[CoTech and Unions]]===
===23.4.18 [[CoTech and Unions]]===

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Minutes and notes from CoTech related meetings and discussions both face to face and online:

Face to face meet-ups

Sheffield 2019

Wortley Hall 2017

8-Sep-2017 Space4

6-May-2017 Great Hucklow

16-Feb-2017 Goldsmiths

Wortley Hall 2016

Online meet-ups

CoTech Community Calls

We have community calls that currently take place at 4pm on the last Wednesday of every month (see the decision to hold these). You can find more info on the Calls wiki page and on the CoTech Calls category on the CoTech forum.

23.4.18 CoTech and Unions

Discussion related to CoTech and unions and the labour movement. Emerged from this forum thread.