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(Wortley Hall 2016)
(Tuesday 15th November)
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* [[Photos]]
* [[Photos]]
=== Tuesday 15th November ===
=== Tuesday 15th November 2016 ===
Notes from the sessions held on Tuesday at Wortley Hall.
==== Skills Share (am) ====
==== Skills Share (am) ====

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Co-operative Technologists

This wiki site was set up at our founding event, 14th - 17th November 2016 at Wortley Hall, our working Name is "Co-operative Technologists", we have a open tech-coops email list with open archives a Slack channel (ask for an invite), a Loomio group (ask for an invite), a Google calendar (URL?).

To create an account on this wiki ask an existing admin to create an account for you by using the create account page (the account creation page only works for wiki admins).

Please add notes, Photos etc from Wortley Hall 2016 to the list of pages from the event below.

Tech Coops Wiki

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Wortley Hall 2016

The TODO list from the November 2016 Wortley Hall retreat has been posted to the tech-coops list, when notes of sessions are ready to be copied from the HackPad please use the links below to create the pages and add the [[Category:Wortley Hall 2016]] string to each page.

Tuesday 15th November 2016

Notes from the sessions held on Tuesday at Wortley Hall.

Skills Share (am)

Skills Share (pm)

Wednesday 16th November

Defining the MegaZord: "Four Functions of the Network"

  • Collaboration: sharing, referring and outsourcing work
  • CoBudgeting: pooling our surplus and creating visibility of how we spend it
  • Skill Sharing: mutual support between coops
  • Outreach: supporting startups, outreach and engagement

Defining the MegaZord: other stuff


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