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= Co-operative Technologists =  
= Co-operative Technologists =  

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Co-operative Technologists

What Name are we going to use?

Tech Coops Wiki

Add a link below with the name of a Wiki, which will create a link to the page. Click the link, and add the details below to your page:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Main contact person
  • Website
  • Social media links
  • Main business (e.g. Web development, Design, Marketing)
  • Main clients
  • Skills, business skills and tech skills
  • Members (perhaps with links to LinkedIn profiles etc)
  • Products
  • Sector (e.g. public sector, third sector/charities, commercial)
  • Ethical considerations/restrictions
  • Specific expertise (e.g. NodeJS, Print)
  • Interests
  • Spare space? For example office space that another co-op can use
  • Interested in placements and / or people swaps?
  • Anything else you think is relevant (e.g. logo, photos of individuals)


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See the following page for a list of all the categories:

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Getting started

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