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Co-operative Technologists

This wiki site was set up at our founding event, 14th - 17th November 2016 at Wortley Hall, where 55 co-operators from 18 co-ops came together to form Co-operative Technologists, which is sometimes shortened to CoTech and we will be meeting there again, see Wortley Hall 2017. See the Meetings page for notes from our meetings and the list of Members.

We have a promotional website,, (launched at the CoTech Social Feb 2017) and in May 2017 we launched a new Discourse Community discussion board — this is open to everybody interested in co-operatives and technology, please sign up and join in!

We have an open tech-coops email list with open archives, a Slack channel (ask for an invite), a Loomio group for decision making (open to Members) and a Google calendar.

To create an account on this wiki ask an existing admin to create an account for you by using the create account page (the account creation page only works for wiki admins).

The site code is currently hosted on GitHub where we have a Cooperative Technologists organisation and that is the place to raise issues such as bugs and feature requests, see also the help documentation for the site if you need an account.

Co-operative Collaboration

Please add to the Collaboration page when a Cotech co-op works with another CoTech co-op.

Future Events

Wortley Hall 2017

We have booked Wortley Hall for several days in November 2017, see Wortley Hall 2017.

Past Events

  • Meetings -- notes from face to face meeting at various events

CoTech Camp July 2017

See the Loomio thread and CoTech Community discussion thread

Wortley Hall 2016

See the Wortley Hall 2016 page for the notes and links from the first Co-operative Technologists annual gathering at Wortley Hall.

MediaWiki Help

Help documentation

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.


All the UK tech co-operatives we could find are listed in the sidebar of this site and also on the Coops page and some who haven't get got involved are on the Potential Members page, please add to these lists and see the instructions for adding to the sidebar on the Coops page.


See the following page for a list of all the categories:

To add a page to a category, add this to a page: