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Website (

Main public facing website to show off CoTech to potential clients and members (launched at the CoTech Social Feb 2017). There is a single login for each co-op. Each co-op is responsible for updating their profile on the website. See the CoTech WordPress wiki page for some help documentation. We welcome contributions to our Github repo and you can also check out the development branch of the site.

Wiki (

Documentation for CoTech. Accounts available to members of CoTech only.

To create an account on this wiki ask an existing admin to create an account for you by using the create account page (the account creation page only works for wiki admins).

Forum (

Publicly available Discourse forum, open to everybody interested in co-operatives and technology, please sign up and join in!

For more info, see Community

Loomio (

For decision making within CoTech. Viewable by anyone with a Loomio login. There are some guidelines for making decisions on the Loomio

CoTech CoBudget

For information and guidelines on the CoTech CoBudget instance, see our page on the CoTech Cobudget. Find the CoBudget site at

Cloud (

Nextcloud instance for storing files, chatting, calendar and contacts and making video/audio calls. Accounts available to members of CoTech only. There are some notes evaluating the platform here: Nextcloud

Slack Channel (

For real time chat between individuals. Open to all CoTech members, ask for an invite.

CoTech Community Calls (Calls)

We have community calls that currently take place every month on Jitsi Meet but will hopefully be migrated over to our Nextcloud instance. You can find more info on the Calls wiki page and on this forum thread.

Code Hosting and Development

To share code between CoTech members it is possible to use This is a GitLab instance run by WebArchitects. To get access you need to join Webarchitects, which can be done for as little as a pound.

The site code is currently hosted on GitHub where we have a CoTech organisation and that is the place to raise issues such as bugs and feature requests, see also the help documentation for the site if you need an account.

Deprecated channels

Mailing List

We have an open tech-coops email list with open archives. This has mostly been replaced by our Discourse Forum and will probably be shut down and archived.

Google Calendar

Google calendar. This will probably be shut down soon if we opt to go with Nextcloud.