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==Any Other Business==
==Any Other Business==
*Could this etherpad server be setup to use https? - Leo (i filed a ticket: <a href="https&#x3a;&#x2F;&#x2F;github&#x2e;com&#x2F;weareopen&#x2F;AllTheThings&#x2F;issues&#x2F;50">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;github.com&#x2F;weareopen&#x2F;AllTheThings&#x2F;issues&#x2F;50</a> )<br>
*Could this etherpad server be setup to use https? - Leo (i filed a ticket [https://github.com/weareopen/AllTheThings/issues/50 here].
* Commons Transition UK (on Loomio) -- Simon (Cetis LLP) see <a href="https&#x3a;&#x2F;&#x2F;www&#x2e;loomio&#x2e;org&#x2F;g&#x2F;Hf1qrvoY&#x2F;commons&#x2d;transition&#x2d;uk">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.loomio.org&#x2F;g&#x2F;Hf1qrvoY&#x2F;commons-transition-uk</a><br>
* Commons Transition UK (on Loomio) -- Simon (Cetis LLP) see [https://www.loomio.org/g/Hf1qrvoY/commons-transition-uk Commons Transition UK
        <li style="list-style: none; display: inline">
            <ul class="bullet">
::intended to help discuss the coordination and set up of regional connections around Commons thinking and P2P.
                <li>intended to help discuss the coordination and set up of regional connections around Commons thinking and P2P&nbsp;</li>
::invitation [https://www.loomio.org/invitations/4e5a51c7ae14bd2f38da here].
                <li>invitation: <a href="https&#x3a;&#x2F;&#x2F;www&#x2e;loomio&#x2e;org&#x2F;invitations&#x2F;4e5a51c7ae14bd2f38da">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.loomio.org&#x2F;invitations&#x2F;4e5a51c7ae14bd2f38da</a>&nbsp;
         <li>See also: <a href="http&#x3a;&#x2F;&#x2F;commonstransition&#x2e;org&#x2F;">http:&#x2F;&#x2F;commonstransition.org&#x2F;</a>
         <li>See also: <a href="http&#x3a;&#x2F;&#x2F;commonstransition&#x2e;org&#x2F;">http:&#x2F;&#x2F;commonstransition.org&#x2F;</a>

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  • Laura (we are open)
  • Luke (Aptivate)
  • Fabian (Digital Liberties)
  • David & James (Co-operative Web)
  • Simon (Cetis LLP)
  • Roy (Gildedsplinters)
  • Aaron (Agile Collective)
  • Polly Robbins (Outlandish)
  • Leo (Autonomic)

Agenda Overview

  • Welcome and connecting
  • Is this call valuable? Or how to make these calls more valuable!
  • Fabian - need to have made some progress by the next Wortley Hall in November 2018
  • Aaron: We should talk about people are doing! (Polly +1 on this)
  • Luke: I find it already useful that we're meeting and get a chance to talk about stuff

Agenda items?

Start using it! They did some testing and it works!
  • Using the Viable Systems Model to analyse CoTech as an emergent Viable organisation: Viable_Systems_Model
This has been used inside Digital Liberties. We had a CoTech session at space4. 
Basically - it's how do you make sure that something like cotech is viable.
Fabian's sense is that we need a stronger identity amongst cotech. To what extent is the membership of the different co-ops engaging and then how do we look at thre future together. looking at the future.
What kind of possibilities are arising?
Aaron - oh helpful to hear in Human Talk because the wiki is kind of difficult to understand. We're talking about humans, so need the text in a more humany kind of thing. Lol.
What are the factors that enable to create cotech so that it has a life of it's own. Framework for realizing our potential.
Aaron - as we talked about last time, we need to be more responsible about our contributions.

ACTION Fabian will edit it to be more human understandable. ACTION: Fabian to share via the CoTech Newsletter ACTION: WE ALL GIVE FEEDBACK WHEN WE SEE IT IN THE NEWSLETTER!

  • Graham Mitchell is putting in a bid to Unfound as regards developing a Platform Co-op and invites other people from CoTech to join them. deadline on Friday.
See Invitation: New Platform Cooperative Project . A few coops are getting involved and YOU can too!

ACTION: Read the thread, think about if you want to get involved, if yes answer the thread!

Cotech Organiser

See: CoTech Network Coordinator

Can we make these calls develop coordination?

  • OR: How can we make this viable and easy for a few humans with 1/2 hours a week participation
  • Can we identify actions, self organise and try to just keep the wheels turning for cotech wide stuff

For example, in the newsletter, we identified: (limited access page)

Outlandish initiative

  • setting up knowledge transfer partnership (research used in industry and vice versa: knowledge transfer partnership
  • informal discussions with London Met
we talked about scoping the position down to get it moving. Even if it's just someone who moves forward with Wortley Hall 2018.
Digital Liberties is willing to put time, but maybe not money. Different co-ops contribute in different ways.
  • Maybe we create working groups?

Wortley Hall2018

  • Budget exists (where?). Can we cobudget it?

"ACTION: Create event to talk about Wortley Hall! Chris, Aaron and Polly to meetup to talk about process.

Working groups


  • Already happening. Not clear who is in or out or what we do
  • Community calls: Laura facilitating these
  • Wiki

ACTION: Three key questions

  • how we make it clear which groups exist?
  • how we show what needs to be done in which group?
  • how do we make it easy for people to jump in/out to these groups that interest them.

Tech Week London

  • Event to link CoTech with Tech Week London - next steps and assessment whether this can go ahead [POLLY]
Response did not meet target of £300
Action: Polly to contact all co-ops who expressed interest to discuss whether to take these things forward


Co tech has a Twitter channel: Comms: @CoTechUK Outlandish would like to share responsibility for this. [POLLY]

  • ACTION: Polly to create a new slack channel and push it out there

Any Other Business

  • Could this etherpad server be setup to use https? - Leo (i filed a ticket here.


intended to help discuss the coordination and set up of regional connections around Commons thinking and P2P.
invitation here.
  • See also: <a href="http://commonstransition.org/">http://commonstransition.org/</a>
  • Co-ops, creative Commons and Open Source all seem to overlap and can develop these relationships.
  • Action: Read and discuss Laura commits to helping with the overlap :D

  •    Actions (outside agenda items):
      * People who aren't in CoTech: Can they join here? Unknown, let's talk about it. Everyone seems fine with the idea of an open call. 
    ACTION: Maybe we should put the community call on the site?
    ACTION Laura add standing community call item: Anyone who is not in the CoTech Network on the call?