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     <strong>ACTION: Maybe we should put the community call on the site?</strong><br>
     <strong>ACTION: Maybe we should put the community call on the site?</strong><br>
     <strong>ACTION Laura add standing community call item: Anyone who is not in the CoTech Network on the call?</strong>
     <strong>ACTION Laura add standing community call item: Anyone who is not in the CoTech Network on the call?</strong>

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March 28

  • Laura (we are open)
  • Luke (Aptivate)
  • Fabian (Digital Liberties)
  • David & James (Co-operative Web)
  • Simon (Cetis LLP)
  • Roy (Gildedsplinters)
  • Aaron (Agile Collective)
  • Polly Robbins (Outlandish)
  • Leo (Autonomic)

Agenda Overview
  • Welcome and connecting
  • Is this call valuable? Or how to make these calls more valuable!
    • Fabian - need to have made some progress by the next Wortley Hall in November 2018
    • Aaron: We should talk about people are doing! (Polly +1 on this)
    • Luke: I find it already useful that we're meeting and get a chance to talk about stuff
  • Our next call is April 25th!!

   Agenda items?
  • Testing for Next cloud group: <a href="https://community.coops.tech/t/cotech-nextcloud-talk/638/4">https://community.coops.tech/t/cotech-nextcloud-talk/638/4</a>
    • Start using it! They did some testing and it works. 

  • Using the Viable Systems Model to analyse CoTech as an emergent Viable organisation: <a href="https://wiki.coops.tech/wiki/Viable_Systems_Model">https://wiki.coops.tech/wiki/Viable_Systems_Model</a>
    • been using it inside of digital liberties. Had a session at space4. 
    • Basically - it's how do you make sure that something like cotech is viable. 
      • Fabian's sense is that we need a stronger identity amongst cotech. To what extent is the membership engaging and then looking at the future. What kind of possibilities are arising.
    • From discussion of this the CoTech Holochain group has been set up: see Bill' Olivier's presentation at last weeks London CoTech meet up:
    • <a href="https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10EnrhvJdTBKdjZy7ghioNC43HixsJEFzcpCQXrGqZFE/edit#slide=id.g34f1e96374701bdd_5">https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10EnrhvJdTBKdjZy7ghioNC43HixsJEFzcpCQXrGqZFE/edit#slide=id.g34f1e96374701bdd_5</a>
    • Aaron - oh helpful to hear in Human Talk because the wiki is kind of difficult to understand. We're talking about human's, so need the text in a more humany kind of thing. Lol.
    • ACTION Fabian is hoping to edit to be more human understandable.
    • ACTION: Fabian to share via the CoTech Newsletter
    • What are the factors that enable to create cotech so that it has a life of it's own. Framework for realizing our potential.
    • Aaron - as we talked about last time, we need to be more responsible about our contributions.

  • Graham Mitchell is putting in a bid to Unfound (<a href="http://unfound.coop/)">http://unfound.coop/)</a> as regards developing a Platform Co-op and invites other people from CoTech to join them. deadline on Friday.
    • See <a href="https://community.coops.tech/t/invitation-new-platform-cooperative-project/675">https://community.coops.tech/t/invitation-new-platform-cooperative-project/675</a>
    • A few coops are getting involved and YOU can too!
    • ACTION: Read the thread, think about if you want to get involved, if yes answer the thread!

    * Cotech 'organiser' ( <a href="https://community.coops.tech/t/cotech-network-coordinator/461">https://community.coops.tech/t/cotech-network-coordinator/461</a> ): Can we try to be this from this call?
   * OR: How can we make this viable and easy for a few humans with 1/2 hours a week participation
   * Can we identify actions, self organise and try to just keep the wheels turning for cotech wide stuff
     * For example, in the newsletter, we identified: <a href="https://git.coop/cotech/newsletter/blob/master/editions/2018-03-23.md#help-out-with-cotech">https://git.coop/cotech/newsletter/blob/master/editions/2018-03-23.md#help-out-with-cotech</a> <-- I LOVE THIS
  • setting up knowledge transfer partnership (research used in industry and vice versa - <a href="http://ktp.innovateuk.org/)">http://ktp.innovateuk.org/)</a> or the option of taking on a student and subsidizing their work.
  • informal discussions with London Met
  • we talked about scoping the position down to get it moving. Even if it's just someone who moves forward with Wortley Hall 2018. 
  • Digital Liberties is willing to put time, but maybe not money. Different co-ops contribute in different ways.
  • Maybe we create working groups?
    • Wortley Hall
      • Budget exists, can we cobudget it?
      • ACTION Create event to talk about Wortley Hall! Chris, Aaron and Polly to meetup to talk about process
    • Newsletter
      • Already happening. Not clear who is in or out or what we do
    • Community call
    • Wiki
  • ACTION: ???
    • questions: 
      • how we make it clear which groups exist
      • how we show what needs to be done in which group
      • how do we make it easy for people to jump in/out to these groups that interest them

    * Event to link CoTech with Tech Week London - next steps and assessment whether this can go ahead [POLLY]
 Response did not meet target of £300
 Action: Polly to contact all co-ops who expressed interest to discuss whether to take these things forward
 * Comms: @CoTechUK Twitter channel - to share responsibility [POLLY]
  •  * ACTION: Polly to create a new slack channel and push it out there

   Any Other Business
Could this etherpad server be setup to use https? - Leo (i filed a ticket: <a href="https://github.com/weareopen/AllTheThings/issues/50">https://github.com/weareopen/AllTheThings/issues/50</a> )
* Commons Transition UK (on Loomio) -- Simon (Cetis LLP) see <a href="https://www.loomio.org/g/Hf1qrvoY/commons-transition-uk">https://www.loomio.org/g/Hf1qrvoY/commons-transition-uk</a>
    • intended to help discuss the coordination and set up of regional connections around Commons thinking and P2P 
    • invitation: <a href="https://www.loomio.org/invitations/4e5a51c7ae14bd2f38da">https://www.loomio.org/invitations/4e5a51c7ae14bd2f38da</a> 
  • See also: <a href="http://commonstransition.org/">http://commonstransition.org/</a>
  • Co-ops, creative Commons and Open Source all seem to overlap and can develop these relationships.
  • Action: Read and discuss Laura commits to helping with the overlap :D

   Actions (outside agenda items):
  * People who aren't in CoTech: Can they join here? Unknown, let's talk about it. Everyone seems fine with the idea of an open call. 
ACTION: Maybe we should put the community call on the site?
ACTION Laura add standing community call item: Anyone who is not in the CoTech Network on the call?