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What is the CoTech fund?

The fund is a voluntary system where members of CoTech can contribute £1 per member, per week. The subscription is collected annually in advance.

Why have a mutual fund?

The fund can be used for any purpose that supports CoTech including, but not limited to:

  • Marketing and promotion
  • Events such as the twice-yearly gatherings
  • Paying for infrastructure costs (such as the community forum, Loomio subscription etc.)

Decision making

Those co-ops who have joined the fund decide collectively how the fund should be distributed. We try to achieve this by consent, but where necessary can use a "one co-op, one vote" rule.

Proposals for spending will be posted on Loomio, and only contributors will be able to vote on them.

Joining the fund

Email with the name of your co-op and the number of members who will be joining the fund.


At the CoTech Hack 2018 a working group on Governance and Membership developed a proposal for an internal fund.

The purpose of the fund was to pool our resources and strengthen the CoTech network. During the pilot year participation was voluntary, and participating co-operatives contributed £1 per member per week to the fund.

On 8th February 2019 CoTech approved a one-year pilot fund to test the idea.

Further reading

Report on discussion of the fund at Sheffield 2019 gathering