CoTech Hack 2018/Governance and Membership

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CoTech Hack

This is a session to try and define a government and membership structure for CoTech.

First day - Governance team

29th November, 11am


  • Setting up a journal
  • Process of joining, which is currently loose
  • How co-ops can co-operate more efficiently
  • What is perception of CoTech and where is it going
  • If CoTech is the answer, what is the question - purpose of CoTech and how to deliver it
  • Better onboarding and process
  • Stronger collaboration, cobudget
  • Membership procedure, can it be slightly more accessible?
  • What CoTech is, structure is informed by the purpose


1. What is CoTech

2. What is the purpose

What CoTech is:

  • A community
  • A network of value-driven businesses
  • Viable System Model
  • Shared infrastructure
  • Safe space
  • An alternative for clients to procure sustainable solutions

What CoTech is not:

  • A regular company
  • Is not a co-op itself

It‘s difficult to balance clarity and structure with freedom and flexibility. Challenge seems in being ready for ongoing evolution (learning model). Strong structure needs to exist to support bidding for big clients, particularly if we are about to pool resources, share some budget.

3. What questions are we trying to answer

4. What are concrete outputs of the group