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==See also==
==See also==
* [[Accessibility and Care]]
* [[Accessibility and Care]]
[[Category:Wortley Hall 2017]]

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This is one of the pages on this wiki which came out of the Wortley Hall 2017
Co-operative Technologists Second Annual Gathering at Wortley Hall, 27-29 November 2017.

Our Manifesto

Please see Our Manifesto which was developed in February 2017.

CoTech Constitution

Who are we?

Co-operative Technologists (aka CoTech) is a network of worker co-operatives that sell tech/digital services.The network was founded at an event on 14th November 2016 at Wortley Hall – the worker’s stately home – where many of us met for the very first time to share ideas, skills and plans for world-wide cooperation. Each member of the network is a company that is owned and democratically run by its workers (and, in some cases, customers) where members have the opportunity to appoint people to roles or change the structure of their organisations. There are no private shareholders who take money out of the company and/or direct the company’s activities.

Who is eligible to join?

There is no fee to join CoTech, but, in order to be eligible, your co-operative must:

  • agree with and practise the 7 Co-operative Principles,
  • be owned and democratically run by its workers,
  • provide tech/digital services.
  • be based in or have significant ties to the UK

Your membership is approved by the existing members of CoTech via a proposal on Loomio.

What is expected of you as a member?

As a member of CoTech, you are expected to:

  • be an active participant in the network and its activities,
  • finance at least one representative to attend the AGM (currently at Wortley Hall in November).

How do we make decisions?

The network currently makes member decisions using a consensus process on Loomio - an online decision making tool. The process for this is:

  • a proposal is created on Loomio with a deadline of at least one week,
  • votes are cast on a one coop, one vote basis,
  • the proposal passes if there are no 'disagree' or 'block' votes.

What constitutes a member decision?

Member decisions are those which have a material impact on CoTech or its members, or ones for which you want "buy-in", including but not limited to:

  • approving new members
  • changing the constitution or manifesto
  • changes to the criteria for membership

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