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Main business

  • Graphic design, branding and visual identity, illustration, publications design, copywriting and editing. Creative consulting and co-production. High end printing (Riso, litho, digital, wide format inkjet/giclee). Books, catalogues, posters, general print, exhibition and display, web graphics.
  • Sectors we work with: cooperatives, arts, architects, universities, publishers, brands, fashion, music, community groups, campaigns, government, professions, third sector, environmental groups
  • Ethical considerations/restrictions: common ownership workers coop. ISO14001 environmental management system (green, lean). Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. No frackers, arms dealers. Will do most other things.
  • Specific expertise: green print, recycled and FSC certified papers, vegetable oil based inks. Design for good communication, sustainability, impact.
  • Offers: we have desk/shared coop space for a 2-person team. We are good coop business introducers and always looking to refer or collaborate on web dev and other projects.
  • Business referral requests: bread and butter - publication design and production for catalogues, books, general print. Typical clients marketers, other designers, artists, brand/comms managers, gallerists, fundraisers, campaigners. The cream: identity design for brands, organisations. Typical clients CEOs, CMOs. The dream: to be a player in a coop coalition to expand the coop economy from 2% to 80% of global GDP. Typical partners: progressive coops and social movements.