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*[[Community_Call_25_January_2018 |25th January 2018]]
*[[Community_Call_25_January_2018 |25th January 2018]]
*[[Community_Call_28_February_2018 |28th February 2018]]
*[[Community_Call_28_February_2018 |28th February 2018]]
*[[Community_Call_28_March_2018 |28th February 2018]]
*[[Community_Call_25_March_2018 |25th March 2018]]

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This call is all about identifying issues and developing the CoTech Network together as engaged digital makers, movers and shakers. It is about open practices, culture shifting and collaboration. We break down silos and keep each other in sync.

The call currently takes place at this link using open source video conferencing software Jitsi Meet: https://meet.jit.si/CoTech-Call

We are currently storing our minutes in this etherpad collaborative document: Community Call Notes

Joining a CoTech Call

  • Visit the Jitsi Meet link
  • Jitsi Meet seems to prefer Chrome/Chromium. Many users have reported problem with Firefox.
  • MUTE if you are not talking.
  • Use headphones with a mic if possible (iphone style headphones work great).
  • Type in the collaborate pad where you see fit! This document is for you!
  • Jump in with your voice to vocalize thoughts. Don't be afraid to speak up!
  • You also currently dial in to the call via a normal phone line. Dial +44.121.468.3154 and then enter the pin 3647513798 (quite quickly) then enter #.
  • There are also basic Jitsi Meet mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Agenda and Minutes

February 28. 2018


  • Chris Lowis (Go Free Range)
  • Laura Hilliger (We Are Open)
  • Luke (Aptivate)
  • Aaron (Agile Collective)
  • There were others ...

Agenda Overview

  • Welcome and connecting (10 mins)
  • Notes for the call: To wiki, the death of etherpad ? (5)
  • Facilitating at Wortley Hall in 2018 (15)
    • Potentially also: https://community.coops.tech/t/2018-wortley-hall-or-wherever-planning-inside-cotech/610
    • people were generally happy, but we can improve.
    • Who wants to help plan wortley hall?
    • Trying to consult people in cotech about all the decisions is crazy hard.
    • get a budget upfront and a collective of people who commit.
    • Set up a payment page, suggest a more formal process.
    • Wortley Hall needs to communicate with one person
  • CoTech Newsletter: https://community.coops.tech/t/cotech-newsletter-february-2018/627
    • Chris, Chris and Luke worked together, we had to go looking for news. Kept it as simple as possible, one email and then fell back to doing it via Discourse.
    • Thankless task (ha!)
  • Talked about how cotech functions, we talked about the coordination of this network
    • Harry said - Would be good to get CoBudget working - it was developed to turn Enspiral from a talkocracy into a do-ocracy
    • Maybe need to do an ask for contributions
  • Open Coop 2018 (10 mins)
    • thread: https://community.coops.tech/t/open-2018-platform-co-op-conference/617
    • We discussed doing a CoTech event instead, sounds practical.
  • Cooperative Congress in June - Aaron to msg John and ask about this.

January 25, 2018



  • Chris Lowis (Go Free Range)
  • John Bevan (We Are Open) 
  • Laura Hilliger (We Are Open)
  • Simon Grant (Cetis LLP)
  • Fabian Tompsett (Digital Liberties)
  • Finn Lewis (Agile Collective) - [[1]]
  • Bryan Mathers (We Are Open)
  • Roy Brooks (Gildedsplinters.coop)
  • Daniel Stanley (Small Axe)
  • Cat Ainsworth (The Dot Project)
  • Liam MacLeod (MediaBlaze Hosts)

Agenda Overview

  • Welcome and connecting (10 mins)
    • Scheduling a monthly call (10) (DONE)
    • fourth week of the month 
    • Doodle day of the week
    • Wednesday or ...
    • 3pm 4pm 5pm
  • CoTech Newsletter - the setup is done - what should it do? (luke m.)
    • DONE is to start post in discourse about the newsletter. (Chris ping Luke) 
    • Luke sent apologies as unable to participate on this occasion
      • Make a public newsletter, Internal vs External, chat with co-op news about sharing
      • Chat to Coop News re content that may be of interest to the wider coop audience
      • We need a volunteer
    • monthly newsletter
    • Tell other members about other members, case studies or profiles each members
      • template the member profile (could this be a podcast?), link to member profiles on the site, deeper dive as a network member. Individuals, building trust and relationships as opposed to the regular "this is what we do" profile. 
    • Include upcoming events from the discourse
    • Updates from various groups. 
    • Member recognition, i.e: group that has provided an excellent service or been apart of community events (similar to Coop Rose) if anyone has seen her newsletters
    • Collaborative bid standing item??
    • Newsletter with revolving responsibility might help with ownership
  • CoTech brand identity group - report back and feed in (Dan S, Sion W)
    • met a few weeks ago, we will write a brief for ourselves to clarify what we're doing and how.
    • meeting in a week, sending around the group and get feedback. Document on Discourse.
    • once this goes round, we'll start doing the bits
    • Next meeting 7th of Feb. Space 4 meetup
  • Can anyone who was there give a brief report from 2 CoTech events at Space4?
  • 2 presentations, talk by someone who works in private sector, there's a video, put our slides on github: 
    • Go Free Range slides from the presentation Chris Roos gave: https://github.com/freerange/cotech-presentation
    • Event details: https://www.meetup.com/London-CoTech-Meetup/events/246674795
    • There's another event, once a month.
    • Skillshare: Fabian got a lot out of it, about 12 people showed. How the co-op businesses were run. (https://wiki.coops.tech/wiki/First_Skill_Sharing_Event)
    • Liam and several others CoTech had a meet regarding co-op based web hosting, putting together a group to work on putting together a data center. 
    • Initial meeting held 15th December 2017 - link to OP: https://community.coops.tech/t/initial-meeting-about-cooperative-hosting/507 also includes link to agenda discussed.
    • Be good to talk about the constitution uk/non-uk issue (https://www.loomio.org/d/wgz3Zjqa/ratify-the-initial-constitution) (chris l.)
  • 1st capture that we have said no to non-UK in the constitution, so we can ratify it. Give clarity to current members.
  • Without a constitution it's hard to know how to interact and what's expected.
  • Link to constitution: 
  • DONE 2nd propose an amendment to make a change to allow outside : Have a conversation later.
  • https://www.loomio.org/p/bHwQzJCp/clarify-implicit-rules-around-uk-based-membership-criteria-to-allow-us-to-ratify-the-first-version-of-the-constitution
  • Cat collaborative bid for the coop group
  • how we collectively bid in the future for projects, how would we practically implement. 
  • A group of co-ops have come together to see if we could pitch collective services, and we've realized it's quite ambitious. Using this as a learning experience, dot project is coordinating the process, and we've been keeping notes! Because we're awesome, we've got a lot of rich information, a deep dive into 5 organisations, identified key priorities, what should we be focusing on right now.
  • Working out the best way to share out this information, there isn't anything like what CoTech is or what CoTech could be. 
  • Would like to feedback in a physical place, actually. But that's always tricky, so we're looking at a report. 

FYI Cat http://www.intertradeireland.com/media/g17/pdfs/public-procurement/Consortia-Building-presentation.pdf

  • collaborative 5 minutes about next call.
  • Collaborative bid standing item??
  • more localized informal get togethers, how can we make sure this happens, chat business over beer :) (Liam wants to organize meetup in the north)

Ideas we might borrow from Enspiral: "a foundation of mutual care and trust", or e.g. https://medium.com/enspiral-tales/a-caring-organisation-5319f81c420f 

I wrote this point.


    - We Are Open Co-op met IRL last week and wrote up our meeting here: https://medium.com/weareopencoop/mess-with-the-dynamics-5ee1015f052a

    - The CoTech Project Management skill share hosted at Space4 last week. This was the first in a series of these sort of events.

    - The first CoTech meet-up at Space4 last night

    - Follow the CoTech twitter account as per Polly’s message in https://community.coops.tech/t/reawakening-cotech-twitter-account/567