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(initial notes from the megazord meetup)
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A work in progress. The ideas below were generated as part of a brainstorm at the initial co-op tech meeting with a view to them being written up into an aims and values statement/ manifesto.

Solidarity, care and mutual support Peer learning Strength in diversity - an advantage not a burden Quality Maximising the resources that the network can devote to its mission From each according to ability, to each according to need Promoting non-hierarchical structures Experimentation and playfulness Verifying and sharing the model Not exploiting workers Openness and transparency Redefining what value is Democracy and self management Enabling small/proto-co-ops to become stable Use technology for good Accessibility and approachability Respect Creating good meaningful jobs Peer reviewed Much better (more competitive) than the exploitative alternative Imagine the impossible Self reliant Selflessness and what's good for the movement rather than yourself Solution focussed and brave