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Next Year’s Event – Co-operative Technologists 2017

(Notes from group with Kayleigh, Ellie, Ed, Manuela & Louise on 16 Nov 2017)

What needs to happen?

  1. Find a location
  2. Decide on project manager and support team (1 from each co-op) rotating each year
  3. Find a date (before venue)
  4. Contact facilitators, neutral or internal
  5. Agenda: a mix of free and structured


Positives: people will come again

To think of:

  • Who it was for was an unknown
  • Tech: what are the boundaries?
  • Worker co-ops
  • Using an online booking system
  • Out of people’s holidays or not?
  • Price is a barrier: fair and transparent pricing structure
  • The supporting team / committee to be decided with enough advance
  • Getting support from Coops UK, which kind of support to be discussed
  • Cascading emails to invite more tech coops to the network

Next Steps

  1. Get a team together: Ed from Co-op Web is taking the lead. For those who want to get involved, please email him Ed.Russel@web.coop 
  2. Share the Contact List [done]
  3. Inviting people to be part of the team [in progress, several CoTech members are inviting people/networking]
  4. The team decides on a Project Manager – provisionally for 2027: Ed Russell, Cooperative Web
  5. First Skype meeting: mid-December (Ed will do Doodle for slots for half hour meeting)
  6. ‘Shout Out’ in the email to invite more Tech Coops [done]
  7. Initial suggested date: 1st week November for 2 full days (3 nights – to be reviewed)